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It's not easy managing an ant colony: there are tunnels to build, food to forage, enemies to fight and more ants to make. Ant War puts you in the drivers seat of building and maintaining a thriving ant colony. Send your Scouts out for food, make sure the Nurses are taking care of the little ants, get your workers digging, and build a mighty army in this simulation of nature's little empire builders. With fantastic cartoon-style graphics, toe-tappin' music, and intricate strategy, this is the perfect pastime for the entire family!

  • Unlimited Play
  • 5 Different Ants - Each With Different Personalities and Skills
  • 18 Locations - Each With Different Attributes to Build Your Nest!
  • Thousands of Random Events! No Two Days Are The Same!
  • Battle Over 60 Enemies Throughout the Town!
  • Grow Your Colony to Gigantic Proportions and Cause a Town Panic!

Genre: Action
SubGenre: Time Management
ESRB: Everyone

Current Download Rank: #763

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