Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three Walkthrough

Our Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three Walkthrough will guide the weary explorer through all 10 exciting levels in this amazing conclusion to the beloved Adelantado series. Use our comprehensive and detailed maps to uncover all the hidden secrets laying in wait for you deep in the jungle and our step-by-step instructions for each board to help you achieve your expert ratings, find Milintika, and defeat Don Diego's rival once and for all.

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by on 01-21-2014     
The arrival of Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three was a bittersweet moment filled with exhilaration, excitement, and sadness... laced with the knowledge that the end of something amazing was upon us, in this final stand of the intrepid explorer - Don Diego. 
As Don Diego races off to save his beloved Milintika from the brutish cavemen and continue on his journey to explore the vast regions of this new world, we've made sure that your journey with him won't go unaided. 
Yes, that's right, we've posted the Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three Walkthrough - a guide no explorer will want to leave home without no matter how seasoned. 
Adelantado Walkthrough
Just as we've done with all our previous Adelantado Walkthroughs, we've included step-by-step instructions for each and every board, detailing the steps you're going to want to take if you ever hope to achieve expert times. 
We've also got what you're craving... the locations of each and every hidden secret for each level, highlighted in a nice bold color so you won't miss a single one. 
So don't despair. Our Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three Walkthrough will help you bushwhack through even the deepest, darkest jungle as you celebrate the end of an amazing series in this final chapter for Don Diego.


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